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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. there is a possible link being explored this morning. >> charges people to drive around, there is a fee being discussed and how it could make pedestrians safer in the city. rushing people to the hospital after a terrifying flight that took off from san francisco, what happened in the skies on the way to asia, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. . good morning, you can see there are some drops on our cameras. this is a live picture at fso, it looks like it could be a little foggy, is there going to be full on rain? this is all we are going to get, i am pam cook.
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it is giving us some drizzle very light rain, it is below the radar beam, i can't show you much. the cool air is beginning to filter, and it is a cooler and breezy day, about so or 15 miles for some, if you heard them there is an advisory for lake tahoe and it looks like changing precipitation around quincy and heading towards 80, we will keep an eye on that and there is not much to this system. the clouds, then sun and temperatures mainly upper 50s to around 60s, here is sal. we have a house four this
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is one of the niles area which has been blocked off by a structure fire. we have a crew on the way and 880 is a decent alternate for you and this is 880 in oakland and traffic looks good as you are driving from the coliseum to oakland and it will be 3 or 4 minutes drive time. when you get to the bay bridge, it is less than 10 minutes from the toll plaza getting into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. a shooting of a man just a block away in downtown oakland. tara moriarty is joining us to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: we are looking to get an update on the victim's condition and we don't know whether or not he survived. this all happened at 5th and broadway at 1:30 this morning and the man's car was found
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nearby and it appears he fell onto the street after being hit by gunfire. >> he stumbled out after being parked in the norville section and he was eventually transported to the hospital. >> the victim's name has not been released and he is in his 20s, live from oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. doses of people spoke out about a plan to build a surveillance center for the port of oakland. >> what i believe the d.c. to be about is deception, accountability and corruption. >> now supporters of that say it would integrate cameras with traffic cameras and allow firefighters and police to respond to emergencies but
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critics say it will affect privacy situations. now oakland city council postponed a vote on the contract for at least two more weeks. privacy advocates are upset about pulling a national license plate database. the department is considering building a database of information collected from license plate readers. now officials say information from the database will only be used for criminal investigations but they say it will allow them to scrutinies the ordinary citizens. the alarming rise has them taking a a second look at the congestion fee. they are charging drivers during commute hours. the original proposal is designed to raise traffic and
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the examiner reports say some city supervisors can reduce the number of cars and/or crashes. coming up, the reason the plan faces some strong opposition. investigators are looking for clues of a string of suspicious car fires. there were 6 last night. joining us from oakland with more on the investigation underway, alex? an arson vexers were used last night and it appears all of them were set intention naturally. there was however one fire in west oakland. we found several model pickup trucks that caught fire and most of what burned was the debris in the back of those
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trucks. the fire burned out quickly and still you can imagine this is a potentially dangerous situation and you certainly want to find that person as soon as possible and a battalion chief will want to find this, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a condition with the bay bridge, it was not concerned until two months after the leaks were found. he is very troubled about not being informed. the road was beneath the road bed which is supposed to be watertight and they considered it to be just another issue they were working on a
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stressing. but many other homeowners may not know about it. if you have a shower or toilet that waists water has to be replaced. fixtures sold after 1994 don't have to be replaced and this new law was placed after '95. they went on to land safely in hong kong but the turbulence caused people to hit the overhead bin. this is the latest concerning violent turbulence. it affected another flight on monday. he mistakenly threw away a big tip between 4 and $7,000
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which was one of the tips for jesus. the waiter said it happened last year during the holidays at the french quarter restaurant. a big tip, either 4,000 or 7,000 was added. he doesn't remember but he threw it away thinking the customer made a mistake or may have been drunk. that mysterious dinner has also left big tips at several san francisco restaurants as well. >> oh deer. >> 5:08 is the time, it happened again, another young boy carrying a toy begun that looked like the real thing. plus the latest on lake lake tahoe, the olympics may be tempting people to take dangerous risks as they seek a new thrill.
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oop. >> good morning right now traffic is going to be a little bit busy as you are driving on bay area roads straight ahead. the drizzle and light rain will not last very long, is there any more rain or will we be dry again?
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. we are following breaking news where firefighters received a call because of a house fire, janine de la vega just arrived on the scene, janine? >> reporter: fire officials tell us they plea of this fire is suspicious and if you take a look behind me, you can see there is still some smoke in the air and it took 30 minutes to knock this down and they believed this was a four flex, maybe four different ways and this is located in the niles district of fremont. now to get more information on why you think it was suspicious and if anybody was inside we go to the battalion chief from the fire department, rich what can
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you tell me? >> there was approximately four buildings in here and it was difficult to access the fires in the back and the exposure was on the front both sides, the backside got tracks and they were telling firefighters to get access to it. they searched the backside and had multiple steps inside and had a fire investigator inside. they had an initial search and right now we are in the process of checking all of the other structures. >> why do you believe it was suspicious. >> they found multiple steps inside and we do know the buildings are all red tagged and i did forceable entry and we show steps in other rooms. >> you are saying there was scattered food and there was strand -- transients in the
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area. >> we have homeless. >> the exposure was okay and we are going structure by structure. >> just checking. firefighters are going to be here for some time. they believe this is definitely suspicious and this 2 story building was vacant and they believe this may have been started by people. live from fremont, ktvu channel 2 morning news. tensions remain high in the ukraine after fighting with protesters and they killed an injured 400 people an injured two others. this is a picture in the capital city of key he have. protesters have occupied that for months surrounding burning barricades, you cranes protest remembers expressed by advisers
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to take a harder line and the protesters are upset to a line the country more with russia and away from the european union. isthe former olympic pole vault terrible edged the split cries -- political crisis to stop the violence and he said he is shocked by what is happening in his country especially because the violence is taking place during the olympic games which he call is the most peaceful in the world. they are also drawing more people to the ski slopes and the mountains are sometimes too dangerous. they died in separate incidents and the latest victim, a bay area man, lindsay from belmont who was at northstar friday with his family, he crashed into a tree and was killed. an 18-year-old worker at sugar
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bowl went skiing on his day off and he also crashed into a tree and his body was found on saturday. >> i am wondering if they are watching these amazing skiers on television and he was not wearing a helmet. it is rare to have two separate ski related deaths in in such a short time. they have not been able to verify the claims of the so called craigslist killer. she said she killed many murders in the murders she met on craigslist. she said it was because of a satanic cult after joining when
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she was 13. u.s. park police made that discovery at the entrance to regional park and it appears the 48-year-old san lorenzo woman committed suicide. she was very upset about issues in both her personal and professional life. it shows they had nod make them come through in 2008. caltrans has installed cameras but they don't have cameras filming the crews inside the control cam. they will not be needed once a new system is installed next year. >> if something is coming too fast it will slow that train down and it'sable automatically
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automaticalliable to prevent accidents. >> they don't have outward facing cameras cards the tracks. >> we had found some low traffic coming up to the pass, it will be slow and i found the arrow in the area where it is slowest and you will also see it in pleasanton and the drive time is 27 minutes, all the way through and as we move to the south bay we don't have a lot going on and it looks good all the way up into the sunnyvale area and right now it would be your time to do that if you are driving on 101. i want to show you the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza
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not too bad and that that tame is very likely -- time is very likely to go up. they are driving to downtown portland exit and it should take about five minutes. let's go to steve. we have drizzle or very light rain, it is trying to get its act together up towards the sierra and there is not much here for us, some low clouds and fog. breeze is is a little westerly for others and that gust will him up as the system feels as this moves through and though
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they are moving towards mt. shaster and up in seattle and portland, the beat goes on up there and it has been relentless. windy at times, gusts are over 30 and not much of this, we will all that will matter. a little drizzle and morning clouds will give ways to sun and temperatures continue to be just right about where they should be this time of year and it looks like a fine range and startling now. gm is looking for ways to meet increasingly higher fuel efficiency standards and the lighter metal improves gas mileage in the 20 f 150 is
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maiden almost entirely of -- is made almost entirely of aluminum. no big moves this morning and right now it looks like the futures are pointing and tar get is struck with consumer confidence after their big security beats, and they are struggling to hold it will such as target and wal-mart as they add more food and household product and what 2 investigate it is find the tracks have been in place for years and they are still not being used.
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a utah mother is a palled from a t-shirt and the dramatic action she took after the store refused to take it down. welcome to the farm of jack.
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get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. boooorrrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. . welcome back, high tech shuttles are not the only ones making people crazy and they are holding a special hearing about growing complaints about
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tour buses. it comes after the band took affect for the alamo square area. and they are disrupting their neighborhoods and some recent accidents are raising questions about tour bus safety. lawmakers in sacramento, they are pushing for ways to better protect consumers after that massive data breach at neimanmarcus. more than a million neimanmarcus customers this their personal information compromised since last summer. the consumer advocate said microchips would better protect customer information but banks and retailers are dragging their feet because of the bottom line. >> it is costing them money and there is no breach. >> they are surprised they near the chose to send a relative --
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representative to their hearing. and she found a t-shirt so offensive she had to do something about it. they passed pack sun store and in the window were t-shirts featuring nearly nude women. she asked the manager to take the display down and she would have to get permission from corporate managers. >> i said i can't let it stay in the window for three or four more days while somebody makes the decision. >> so she went back inside and wanted to buy all of the offensive t-shirts and she plans to return them in 60 days so she can get her money back but she is calling on them to
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ban them. pack sun is not commenting. and the lump sum will be about $30 million and after taxes it will be just over 100 million. if you manage, the drawing is at 7:59 tonight. they said they were putting the fun in funeral. controversial photos posted by the national guard, it is causing a fire start on social media. live in fremont where a fire broke out, we will tell you why they say this is arson. good morning right now traffic is moving along in most areas but there is a little bit of drizzle and wet weather and it could slow your commute and we will tell you where the traffic is the slowest. we will take a closer look at fremont and we will talk
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about the breeze and the win has definitely -- wind has definitely picked up.
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nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ . we are in fremont and they are at the scene of a fire janine de la vega is also there and she will tell you why firefighters say this is a suspicious fire and stay tuned
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for that, we will be there in just a moment. it is february 19th, i am dave clark. >> steve paulson is here and we will just get a little bit of light rain, maybe some light snow, hard to pick up on this, but you can see around milpitas, fremont, back over to sunnyvale, thank you for the report, you can always tweet me and i have a couple of reports and around san jose, it will be hit and miss and there is nothing upstream, 44 up in santa rosa and what the heck is going on with the breeze, we had the wind picking up but it is not too outrageous they are going to be a northwesterly direction and some of the
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projected rainfall totals, .01 to .02 they are under the cover of very light rain and it will be a cooler breezy day and it will be sunny to mostly sunny. clouds in the morning and then sunshine, cool breezy, low-to- mid 60s, here is sal. we are looking at a commute that actually looks pretty good for this time of the morning and we are seeing traffic that is moving along relatively well as you come up to the area. it is about a 10 minute drive and it has not changed much at all as you drive through to san francisco. also looking at the san mateo bridge, and that drive as you start counting over to the san mateo bridge foster city side looks like 10 minutes as well and this will be the best time for you and we are looking at slow traffic, look at all of the slow traffic on the ultimate pass.
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it gets better in livermore and the drive time and the 680 interchange is 35 minutes and it keeps going up, let's go back to the desk. we are also following breaking news out of fremont where firefighters responded to reports of a house fire. janine janine de la vega -- janine de la vega joins us now with the reasons they are calling this facial fire suspicious. >> reporter: pam, you can see the fire knocked down behind me and the fire has completely run out of fuel and here on mission boulevard, this is this is in the niles district ever fremont and let's go to some video we took earlier which started at about 430 this morning. this happened at 4 flex. it is a two story 4 flex,,
5:34 am
flames were shooting out of the building and when they first started shooting it, it was on the backside of the railroad tracks. in that process, the whole back wall collapsed and they have learned this building was red tacked and after knocking it down they found several areas had been set and this is what the battalion chief tolls us a -- told us a short time ago. they will take pictures and they will see if there were accelerants and try to determine how the fire started. >> reporter: the other thing i was told from the chief there are homeless people in the area
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and it is their belief who transients may have been illegally living in that building which have been red tagged and they still need to collect evidence right now and they are in the mop up cages and i it ask them if any other structures were threatened and the answer is no. we did see one neighbor standing outside when when he was asleep and he has no idea, a couple of houses down from him had gone on fire and no injuries and it is just a lengthy investigation ahead. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is also underway right now after several suspicious car fires last night. live at 'oakland fire station,
5:36 am
you will take us and show us and it appears somebody set them intentionally and it happened between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. most of them were cons sent traded near -- concentrated near oakland and send father -- sent mare. we -- seminary. we saw many that had caught fire, most of what burned was the debris and the fire seemed to be put out quickly and didn't do much damage to them, themselves. still while setting these fires, we were told we should get on the investigation. police in vallejo were looking at the case of a little
5:37 am
boy carrying appellate fun after spoking a vallejo boy carrying an automatic. it turns out it shoots pellet not bullets but that distinction does not matter to many parents we spoke to. >> if you saw something carrying that? >> i would assume it was real. >> i wouldn't feel safe knowing somebody is bringing that kind of thing to my daughter's school. >> reporter: now this is similar to a case family was out in that and he mistook the pellet gun he was caring for the -- carrying for the real thing. he was out on bail after
5:38 am
being arrested on 3 3 molestation charges and now there is a 4th alleged victim, a 10-year-old boy made allegations last week. wiseman collected snakes and he used them to entice his young victims. >> i think the snakes were just part of hills community outreach, the way he contacted people by seemingly harmless methods and it is something that a lot of sex offenders do. >> he was a foster father for years and they have not made any comments on whether hymns foster children were among his victims. and they are talking about molesting students on campus. >> i thought he was way too
5:39 am
friendly. boys speaking out in a can kid conversation. what school officials knew about the teacher and didn't tell police. we uncover the teacher's side of side of the story he posted a photo which has caused quite a controversial. it shows them in front of a flag draped casket. we put the fun in funeral. >> it is just completely unacceptable it is an outrage, and it is unfathomable that people picked to be in this highly sensitive area wouldn't realize just how awful that is. >> it included soldiers from several units. the soldier who posted the
5:40 am
photo is getting protection after receiving death threats. and a one day summit in mexico and canada. you can see them boarding right now and one focus of the meeting would include 9 other countries, he always does the turn and wait. there he does, and they will also discuss security and we want to bring it to you live : they are calling for a national day of action across the country and there are three events in the bay area. at noon in san francisco, california senator barbara boxer will call for raising the minimum wage and there will be a rally at the foot of the
5:41 am
pedestrian overpass, and now a new report suggest and they are pushing for the minimum wage together increased from dollars 25 to $10.12 by 2016 and they find it could end up eliminating half a million jobs. haywood city workers could be done as well. this comes after the hayward city council proposed a 5% pay cut on clerical workers and they are already getting 100 to $1,000 less because of previous concessions. >> you are now giving me the
5:42 am
option of choosing between my kids' medical care, my house pavement and then what do we live on? >> the union workers say they may go on strike over the new concessions. the city is preparing for that possible built. >> what happened on that flight them sent them to the hospital. they are in more bay area locations than previously thought. we have him a couple. things going on but that drive train, we will look at if there is anymore rain or are we back to being dry, stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back, we are talking about lane closures on the george washington bridge. chris cristtive is refusing to hand over documents. they have cited the constitutional protection against self-incrimination. the investigation over the lane closures will decidedly be decided in court. they are designed to improve your commute and they are looking at special cross over tracks between walnut creek, they have been complete since 2011 and they could not figure out how to make the new
5:46 am
tracks work. they are having trouble communicating with the old technology and at least one bart member is frustrated with how long it is taking to find a solution. >> i think bart would never have expected it to be and they ran into issues they had not anticipated. >> officials said the cross over are moving to the opposite tracks and going back in the other direction. the $43 million project could be in use by next month. stanford researchers say thetics that carry lime dice -- lyme disease and they say they are not surprised they have found them their since they
5:47 am
have regular encounters with those insects. >> now the researchers say anybody who is in grassy or wooded areas should check for particular and if you find one on your body draw it out with twicersers. we are about to tell you the current metal count including the results of a major race and if you don't want to know, look away from your screen but first, in less than two hours, a bay area out let, talking about poll lane in he had months. only the -- edmond. the figure skater posted this picture on twitter just about 20 minutes ago and said
5:48 am
finally ran into joe in the olympic village. the san jose shark setter and u.s.a. men's hockey in the czech republic will play later today. here is the count am from the giant slollum and became the first in olympic history to win gold metals. united states and russia tied and won metals germany has 15. there is nothing big yet, you are right, this commute is still ramping up and let's look at what we have with these commutes at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are certainly getting more of a drive here, more of a delay in some of
5:49 am
those lanes so if you are waiting in the cash lanes, it will take you 12 minutes total into san francisco, still not bad on the upper deck of the bay bridge and we are looking at a commute that looks good if you are driving on 101 if you are coming from 280 to the 880 split, it is a little bit wet for the most part slow it down. the pass, it is taking awhile to get out to the change and it is up to 3 minutes to get to the other. over to sunnyvale and some light snow will be flirt being in the sierra nevada and it
5:50 am
will clear out and the system will pick up the breezes and the summit already has. nothing too heavy, things are starting to move towards santa cruz mountain and santa clara valley. temperatures are in the 50s and it is 34 and it picked up about 1,000 feet at the surface and it is not as bad, still about 13 miles per hour and they started to pick up over scott valley, again not a lot, maybe a couple of 100s and the system is working its way in and over blue canyon, we'll see if that turns over and there will be very brief snow showers and the wind has picked up as well. and after the system scoots through, it will be here in the next couple much hours and it's
5:51 am
definitely cooler and rain fall projections are cooler and meager, base on the morning clouds a little cooler for most and after today we'll see a chilly morning for tomorrow and temperatures begin to warm up and we will take that into the weekend. well a few minutes ago, they announced a key indicater showing inflation relatively tame. they are up 2 / 10th of a percent and the numbers are up 4 / 10th of a percent and those are the highest numbers. areaingit out and last night's public hearing, why nobody should have to live in conditions they are facing.
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this one takes the cake literally catch ago burglary on camera who just couldn't help himself.
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. welcome back, 5:54 is the time, this is portland oregon, the scene where a woman and her dog fell into a 20-foot
5:55 am
sinkhole. it opened up in her backyard when she went looking for the dog last night. they heard her scream and they used ladders and both she and the dog are in good condition this morning. and reports in the city of public housing triggered a great debate. some of the residents showed the conditions they are forced to live in, cockroaches, bedbugs, mold, these conditions have been like this for a long time. >> i have my little girl, i don't want it to be hell because it can make you stick. >> you will see how many times we remediated those units and they still came back. it's not for lack of trying, it is just that we have to do better. >> 500 children living the
5:56 am
projects. it puts them at a advantage advantage -- disadvantage when it comes to learning with these issues. they approved a 48,000 dollars contract with the network solutions. it will be paid for with city owned power companies and the service is expected to be up and running by summer. >> two contestants are getting a lot of attention on american idle. >> beautiful voices. >> brie indiana from and -- brie indiana from antioch, they both made it passed to perform live but it's not just her voice that is getting attention. she is the first american idle
5:57 am
contestant to speak out about he being gay. >> i am very obviously gay and there will be people in america but in the last two years there have been things that have changed that and have made it a positive thing. >> the world is changing and we think you could be an american idle and we would like you to be in our top 15 girls. previous seasons have featured gay contestants but they did not discuss their sexuality on the show. >> the field will be narrow tonight to 13. time now 457, we have a suspicious fire and we will have a live report from the scene and why this may have been arson. plus weren't would charging them a new fee keep them safe, reviving a hot debate over
5:58 am
congestion pricing. i wool tell you and we will take a a closer look at that and so it is cooler today and is there anymore rain on the extended outlook.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. live in fremont where a fire broke out, we will tell you why firefighters say they think this is arson. >> another arson investigation is underway in oakland and this case involves cars and trucks. imagine how many are driving down san francisco, find out the new driving force behind the idea. and another plane took off from fso, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, we want to take you back out


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